Over the years we have received hundreds of thank - you cards from our customers, here is a few snippets from these cards!
"Lovely company, great fun, Here's to the next time." Celine - Dublin
"Back next year for more." Beatrice - Wales
"Dessie, as usual had a lovely time." Johnney & Lily - Donegal    
  " Great trip, good hotel, great food, great drivers, will definitely come again." Liam & Theresa Porter - Derry
" Thanks for everything, Dessie. You've got 38 satisfied customers who'll be doing plenty of positive publicity for Executive   Travel!" Ferghal & Salima
" It was too short, best company I was ever in. Most enjoyable, thank - you so much for everything." Thereas and Mick
"Thank you for your kindness. The people we have met here have all been lovely and have shown us what life is really like in   Northern Ireland. Any fears I might have had were quickly sent away by the kindness of everyone." Wanda Inscoe & Debbie   Harding - Cardiff
"Keep up the good work, looking forward to the next time!!!"